Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day for my hubby

We don't do anything big for Valentines Day at our house, not that I would argue if we did though. Anyways for Valentine's Day this year my hubby was out of his office on Friday so I called one of the nurses at his work that goes to our church and asked her if she would let me into his office she said sure and I was off.

My hubby is extremely private, so I knew that this would kill him that was what made it so much more fun! My girls and I decorated his office with paper hearts and a sign that said "Happy Valentines Day to our #1 Dad!" We left a jar of candy with 4 balloons and letters from my oldest and I. Lastly my youngest and I made him this cute picture and framed it and left it on his desk. She is acting out the actions for "I" "LOVE" "YOU". I took the photos, made them into a collage using Picassa and had them printed at Costco for 40 cents, and used a $2 frame from Walmart. So for under $10 I think he had a pretty fun and embarrassing surprise waiting for him this morning. I didn't get a photo of his office because I forgot my camera, but here is the photo we used. I think this photo is a great idea for any little one to give their, dad, mom, or grandparent.

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