Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Countdown to Valentine's Day...

Okay, maybe its cheesy, and do you REALLY need a countdown sign? Maybe its for the love of chocolate? Maybe its for the love of crafting? Maybe its for more pink and black? All I know is I LOVE IT!

My friend Malarie and I made these this week using this tutorial here. Can you say LOVE. Is it not adorable? We are both so happy with how they turned out and how well our color scheme is just flowing.

I will admit I am cheating. I have two daughters so one takes her chocolate in the morning, I then put another one in its place with a number also written on the bottom and she gets hers a little while later. I didn't think it was necessary to make two and I didn't want to take away the fun for one of them each day by just handing them a kiss, nor did I want to have them take turns. Now everyone is happy and mom may or may not have kept some extra kisses for herself :)

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Infarrantly Creative said...

Woohoo it looks great. I like your take on it. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me.