Sunday, August 26, 2012

Floor Mat Using Michael Miller's Groovy Guitars

I found the tutorial for this awesome playmat on pinterest and made it for my diaper bag, it matches his burp cloths, binky bag, diaper holder, wipes case and nursing cover.  I love being so matchy matchy!  This mat is awesome to have something to throw down on the floor at church so that he can lay and play and I'm not getting a blanket dirty and he's not on the dirty floor.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Dad Father's Day

Made some fun simple things for Father's Day decor this year. 

I made a very fun banner out of felt, found the idea on this blog

 Found this great free printable online here:

And made a cute yarn wreath, with mini bunting too:

Pumpkins 5

I saw this idea last year either on pinterest or just on her blog and fell in love and then this year I saw this idea and fell even more in love!  I knew that this was a must do project for fall and can I just say I am in LOVE!  My friend Mal and I made them today and I really wish my mom could have been here too, I know she would love them.

Our bottom coat of paint was a true orange and then topped with a redder orange and I love the sanded look with the second orange showing through. We used dowel painted brown and tied with twine at the stem and embellishing them with some fake fall leaves as well as tying them all together with more twine.  The sign is hanging on a screw.  I love them so much it makes me want to decorate for fall!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hearts and Bows

My great friend Mal had a beautiful baby girl in December and for a gift I made her a blessing afgan.  The pattern I used I found about 13 years ago in Vanna White crochet book.  I have loved this pattern and it is my go to pattern for baby girls.  I even used it for my oldest daughters baby blessing.  The pattern is called Hearts and Bows.  I love how you can individualize it by changing the ribbon around the edges.

burpies and blankies

 Burp cloths using cloth diapers.  All of mine are flannel or minky in the center.  Boy have these babies come in handy, our sweet new baby has reflux horribly bad and we soak these bad boys.

It is quite hot where we live so I made a few 1 1/4 yard receiving blanket that were just one layer of flannel, no backing just hemming the edge.  I know these may look boring only one pretty side, pretty much a front and a back, but it is very hot here in the summer108 hot, so these light weight blankets are perfect.  I also made a nice thick snuggly flannel blanket too with minky on the back.

Michael Miller's Lagoon

 I fell in love with Michael Miller's Lagoon "Groovy Guitars" fabric and it instantly became my go to fabric for my baby boy.

I made a binky holder which I don't have a photo of and diaper holder and wipes case for the diaper bag:


A nursing cover to match everything:

And this adorable reversible carseat cover:

My friend Mal even through me a baby shower and made these cute items for decor and gifts for me:

All tutorials I used are linked through the name of the item I made.

Finger Puppets

Last year for Christmas I made some finger puppets for my 3 year old and also for my 1 year old niece and nephew.  I very happy with how they turned out.  

I got the idea for the 5 little monkeys from the blog homemadebyjill, you can find her templates and tutorial here.

I drew and created my own pattern for the 3 little pigs.  Although its not the best I was very pleased with how they turned out.