Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kays Birthday Package

So my little sister Kayleigh turns 22 today and I wanted to whip up just a bunch of fun random gifts for her birthday, I ended up not making one thing (a tote), but its all good because I'm pleased with the rest.

So first up is the flat iron travel case, I posted about this project two weeks ago. It was my first one and there are definite flaws, but I like how it turned out and she loves me so she'll like it with all of its flaws.

Next up a rosette headband. I have made these before and love them, but this one is in her signature color. I actually made my rosettes differently than I have in the past this time. Instead of twisting, wrapping and gluing periodically with fabric tac while trying to hold it all together, I knotted the beginning and glued to the center of a piece of felt and twisted and glued down (with a glue gun) on the felt so when your circle was completed it was already on the felt. They are definite pluses and minuses to doing it this way. I liked that you are able to put it down and walk away right in the middle of it, I like that using a glue gun you are less likely to get burned this way, I like that you leave out a step this way. I don't like that you are more likely to see glue in my opinion and I don't like that when you are finished and cutting out the felt around your rosette your circle isn't always that round.

Next another rosette headband, but I added some tulle and a little bling this time and I LOVE the vintage look and can't wait to make more of these!

And last but not least a fabulous rosette necklace also in her signature color! This photo is not great as it was taken by me in the mirror so the rosettes appear bigger and at a strange angel, but I love the necklace.

As I wrapping up her goodies, the song from Sound of Music was running through my head "brown paper packages tied up with string these are a few of my favorite things" So here it is all wrapped and ready to go

Align Center

And this is the cute little mama

She actually has twins so I can't leave Kenzie out, but the above was the most recent photo I have so here I am with her babies, Kaden and Kenzie

Can you tell who I was already holding and who got handed to me :)


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