Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving crafts, part 1

I am super duper in love with these place mats! I cut burlap the size of place mats and took a few strips of the edge for a frayed look. I then traced my girls hands on an orange fat quarter, there is a slight pattern to the fabric, but its all orange. I then hand stitched the hands on the corner and added legs, I then cut out an eye and giblet from felt. These pics are of my 3 year olds hand, I will add a picture of my older daughters and my table with all of them later.

Simple centerpiece made with $4 hurricane from walmart, filled with a cinnamon candle, red beans, split peas green and yellow and tied with twine.

I LOVE my Thankful bunting but wish it was laying against something darker. The bunting is made of burlap triangles and stenciled with 4 inch letters in Americana deep burgandy and has two burgandy rosettes on each end. Instead of using ribbon or twine to hang it I used cream colored bias tape.

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