Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pirate Princess Costume

This year I decided to bravely make my daughters costume, I did purchase theAlign Center hat because I found it on clearance for .75, and the black tights and black boots.

Her skirt is a black and pink tutu, I tied to pieces of tulle together around the elastic. I did 3 black and 2 pink, 3 black, 2 pink. I also tied some of the pink tulle in knots at the bottom.

I had to get a little more creative on the top I sewed strips of black and white knit together into strips and then sewed a big piece of black knit on the back by putting right sides together sewing, turning right side out and sewing the opening closed giving me one long rectangle. Next using an eyelit punch I punched 5 holes on each side about one inch in from the edge and inserted large eyelits. I also put one exactly in the top center about 3/4 of an inch down. I then created a halter look with a corsetted back using pink ribbon, tied once at the bottom in a bigger bow letting the ribbon hang down.

I absolutely loved how it turned out!!!
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