Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween crafting

First up I found a post somewhere don't ask me where, on someones blog where they had used the lampshades from an old ceiling fan to make ghosts and we just happened to have some laying around, so my oldest and I made some ghosts.

Two years ago my church did a craft Super Saturday and "BOO" blocks was one of the projects and I didn't sign up for it although I had wanted too. Money was tight and I had spent what I could. Well as we were cleaning up that Saturday there was an extra set of wood and vinyl lettering, they just didn't have any Halloween-y paper, so I purchased it and a set of "JOY" ones too, also minus the paper for a discounted price. It has taken me two years to finally get around to completing it, because A) I procrastinate too much and B) I couldn't find any paper I liked. So here are my completed "BOO" blocks.

Now last year my church also had a super Saturday and they had "Give Thanks" lettering made to go on the back of the "BOO" blocks. You got the vinyl and the paper. Well, I also just completed this project this week as well, the reasoning being that it had to go on the unpainted "BOO" blocks above. Anyways, I love that with one set of blocks you have a decoration for two holidays that just has to be flipped around.

I have actually been crafting quite a bit lately I just haven't been able to share because its mostly present for my sweet sister and well I don't think she reads this blog, but I won't take a chance.

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