Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter/Spring Bunting...

Can you say LOVE IT!!! I do so much, it make me happy just to look at it. It's bright, its cheerful and when my girls saw it, they were both giddy too.

I used the same concept as my "Lucky" Bunting, but it is slightly different, I used fabric instead of felt for my letters.

Using clip art from my word, I sized letters and a daisy to about 4" x 3" and cut the letters and daisies out of my fun bright fabric I used on my table runner.

Next I ironed my letters onto heat and bond and then attached my fabric letters/daisies to white felt rectangles that are 7" x 5", making sure they were centered.

Next using matching thread I zig zag stitched around each of the letters to make sure it stayed, keep the edges from fraying, and give it a finished look.

To finish off my bunting, I put small cuts in the felt 3/4" in and down on the top corners of the white felt and thread a piece of yellow ribbon with white polk a dots through it.

It is definitely my favorite bunting so far!

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