Sunday, June 6, 2010


I finally tied my first fleece blanket, super simple, and the best part my youngest actually likes it. She is kind of a strange child, doesn't have a toy, stuffed animal or blanket that she prefers. As a matter of fact she doesn't even really play. She just wanders around the house all day plays with something a few minutes and then wanders a little more. The only thing she seems to really enjoy is books and while she will look at them on her own, she definitely prefers to be read to. I have decided that her lack of interest in toys, etc. is what continues to lead to her getting in trouble. If I am busy and not giving her my complete undivided attention (hence hardly having time for craft projects) she get mischevious. Its a good thing I love her. Anyways now that its 100 degrees here, she has decided she really loves her "mouse" blanket that I made her and she actually wants to cuddle with me and the blanket.

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