Sunday, February 7, 2010

So what can you do with...

2 bandannas, some elastic, 3 yards of ribbon, and some thread, all for around $5, and 90 minutes or so of your time!!!

You can go to Joy's hope and follow this tutorial here and make a simple bandanna dress (the picture is of the back)!!! It will fit a girl ages 6months to 5 years, or it can be a cute shirt for older girls. The best part is that it can be a summer dress or worn more as a jumper with a shirt under it for the colder months. This one is for my 18 month old for Valentines day. I had planned on making a matching shirt for my 9 year old, but at her request...

I used the same pattern and idea and made a skirt instead.

I love Joy's hope's simple tutorials they are great for the beginning sewer and also for the sewer that doesn't have much time to sew. I had to hem my bandannas because the pattern could go only one way, and I had to get rid of the stamped wording on the bottom, so it took a little longer than another pattern would.

I already have a few more bandanna's ready to go for additional summer dresses for my 18 month old.
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Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Love it!!!
Love the skirt. You are brilliant.
Do you think I will actually finish my girl's Valentine's day outfits before the 14th this year? My money is on NO.
Wah wah...

Happy day!